Partnered with Unique Hydra


SustainPower has partnered with Unique Hydra in engineering and container manufacturing

Unique Hydra, part of the global Unique Group, is a Cape Town based engineering and manufacturing company. They deliver turnkey solutions from the design to manufacturing of modular and containerised products for the industrial and offshore industry.

Technical Specifications:

  • Purpose built sound attenuation limits the sound pressure level to an estimated 85dB at 7 meters and an 8-point linear average around the perimeter of the equipment in free field conditions.
  • The container is fitted with hinged access doors. The doors are sealed and fitted with heavy-duty handles and fasteners. An external emergency stop button is located at a specified personnel door.
  • To assist with transport and ease on-site assembly, the container has a modular design. It is fitted with ventilation fans to provide the appropriate airflow for engine cooling and combustion, air filters and louvers.
  • A genset / CHP control system is installed in the electrical side of the container.
  • Heat exchangers, table coolers, exhaust system, internal water piping and electrical reticulation are installed in or on the container to provide a modular solution.
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