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Gas Generators

SustainPower, through its partnership with PRAMAC, has introduced rich-burn industrial standby gas generators to the African market. Made in the USA by world-leading generator manufacturer Generac, these robust machines combine the low running costs of a gas genset with the technical load-acceptance capability that is required for standby and prime applications.

This means that there is now an emergency standby solution that can double as a peak-shaver. In a peak-shaving application these standby gensets save money for the client proactively, above and beyond protection against power outages.

Peak Shaving

Peak shaving refers to the leveling out of electricity usage during peak tariff times by industrial and commercial clients qualified as big consumers. This phenomenon leads to a quick reduction of their power consumption for a short period of time through scaling down on production or activation of on-site power generation systems. Thanks to its range of GENERAC/PRAMAC rich-burn industrial standby gas generators, SustainPower makes it possible for industrial and commercial consumers to go through peak tarrif periods without having to temporarily scale down on production.

Prime & Stand-by Power

Prime power applies to users who do not purchase power from a utility or to those whose utility power is highly unreliable, and down for long periods at a time. At varying load, the number of genset operating hours is unlimited per year but should remain under the agreed operating conditions with the maintenance intervals as prescribed by the manufacturer. Stand-by power applies to users who have utility power available, and their primary application is to supply emergency power for a limited period during a power outage.

Industrial Spark-ignited Generator Sets

Generac/Pramac Spark-Ignited gas technology, with Rich-Burn combustion, allows for optimization of energy costs while guaranteeing the robustness and load acceptance required in industrial applications.

Industriel Gas Generator 750-a
  • cost-effective

    Engine optimized for performance and responsiveness to load variations

  • Reliable

    Integrated with modular paralleling providing the advantages of redundancy, flexibility and scalability, offering customers up to 99.9999% reliability for critical loads.

  • High Performance

    GAS technology 10 seconds start capable. High performance with transient loads


    Lower operating costs than traditional diesel. Power available even during extended outages.


    Equipped with built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LAN connections, monitoring and control is always at your fingertips via a mobile connected device, such as cell phone, tablet, or PC.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Not only do natural gas-fuelled engines emit less nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than comparable diesel-fuelled engines, but they also avoid fuel containment, spillage and environmental concerns associated with storing diesel fuel.


Stand-by 50 kVA / 40 kW | Prime 45 kVA / 36 kW | 5.4l Engine


Stand-by 70 kVA / 56 kW | Prime 63 kVA / 50 kW | 6.8l Engine


Stand-by 100 kVA / 80 kW | Prime 90 kVA / 72 kW | 9.0l Engine


Stand-by 130 kVA / 104 kW | 9.0l Engine


Stand-by 150 kVA / 120 kW | 9.0l Engine


Stand-by 200 kVA / 160 kW | Prime 180 kVA / 144 kW | 14.2l Engine


Stand-by 275 kVA / 220 kW | Prime 248 kVA / 198 kW | 14.2l Engine


Stand-by 350 kVA / 280 kW | Prime 315 kVA / 252 kW | 21.9l Engine


Stand-by 400 kVA / 320 kW | Prime 360 kVA / 288 kW | 21.9l Engine


Stand-by 500 kVA / 400 kW | Prime 450 kVA / 360 kW | 25.8l Engine


Stand-by 750 kVA / 600 kW | Prime 675 kVA / 540 kW | 33.9l Engine

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Industrial Stand-by Power

The SustainPower team is a pleasure to work with. They are clearly experts in power generation and know the importance of customer service. I have full confidence that if anything does go wrong in the future, they will be by my side to resolve it with a sense of urgency.

Virginia Povall, Sugarbird Manor

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