Company Updates

Rich-Burn Natural Gas Generators for Peak Energy Shaving

Systematic load shedding is here to stay in 2023. In years past, it came and went; from time to time, in uncomfortable tranches of a few days before weeks of relief when the grid remained stable.   Those days are long gone. Eskom themselves have warned South Africans that they can expect to endure planned…

Gas Generators: The Alternative to Diesel

We get it. Diesel generators are what you know. Its what we have all been accustomed to, since load shedding first reared its head in 2007. And we’ll admit that it wasn’t the worst decision when these outages were a rare occurrence. A couple of hours here and there. The diesel costs being something that you grimaced at but wrote off as an ‘essential operating expense’.

Biogas Power Generation 101

As gas-to-power specialists, SustainPower’s engineering team is experienced in natural gas and landfill gas, but biogas projects are a nostalgic look at where it all began for our company.

Gas Flaring Opportunities in Africa

During a time when Europe faces an energy supply crisis and the developing world seeks to stimulate economic growth through widescale electrification, SustainPower remains on the forefront of providing innovative solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Natural Gas Pricing and How it Affects the Average South African

On 14 October 2022, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) will hold a public hearing on the methodology to approve maximum prices of piped gas in South Africa. The process of public consultation is ongoing and makes up much of NERSA’s core function in country, but this hearing is particularly pertinent to the gas industry in the region.

South African Biogas & Waste-to-Energy Investment Strategy

As proud stakeholder in South Africa’s gas to power industry, SustainPower were fortunate to be invited by GreenCape to an overview of the country’s biogas and waste-to-energy market.

PepsiCo Isando Biogas Project Launch

One of the highlights of the 2022 Enlit Africa event at the CTICC was the project launch of PepsiCo’s organic waste to resource facility in South Africa. The SustainGroup stand was abuzz with activity, as Managing Director Tobias Hobbach and Operations Director Ames Martin presented the gas-to-power component of this exciting development in Isando, Ekurhuleni.

Continuous Power in Johannesburg

On the back of our successful biogas CHP (combined heat and power) solution at Distell in Springs, SustainPower were asked to model a natural gas CHP for a commercial client in the suburbs of Johannesburg. The city is blessed with extensive natural gas pipeline infrastructure, thanks to highly reputable gas suppliers like Egoli Gas. SustainPower…

Load-shedding is back: generate your own clean power.

After a short-lived respite, load-shedding is now back, making emergency back-up power more relevant than ever. For the thousands of people working and studying from home during this cold winter season, this could not come at a worse moment. Although the power utility managed to carry out important short-term maintenance of generation infrastructure last April…

Dealing with power outages during the current crisis

Just about 6 months ago, Sustainable Power Generation (Pty) Ltd, was appointed as sole distributor of PRAMAC gas generators in South Africa. This has resulted in the addition of the very attractive range of gas standby generators to its SustainPower branded gas-to-power product portfolio. The reason for this expansion was to offer homes and businesses…