SustainPower Service

Part of SustainPower’s motto is to ensure a maximised return on investment for its clients. This is achieved through the supply of high-quality gas-to-power engines and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, accessible financing options and top-level training programmes for our clients and staff.



SustainPower is your one stop shop for gas-to-power solutionsWe work closely with our clients and project stakeholders to ensure correct sizing and equipment designinstallation, testing, and final commissioning.  We are open to accepting various levels of project scope according to client requirements. 


Operations &

We offer complete Operations & Maintenance packages for our entire range of products, from multi-megawatt biogas plants to the smallest home generator back-up solutions. Under our preventive maintenance contract, SustainPower certified service engineers will complete scheduled maintenance ensuring long life and high performance for your equipment.



SustainPower is not afraid to put skin in the game. We understand that finance can be a key consideration to getting a project over the line. SustainPower offers variable flexible financing solutions to its clients including power purchase agreements (PPAs), peak shaving financing, lease & maintenance, and rent-to-own financing.


Parts &

As the Motortech distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa, SustainPower offers its clients original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and upgrades of all components for overhauled gas engines. Upgraded gas engines provide SustainPower clients with additional benefits, including increased power generating efficiency. Call or message us for more details on Caterpllar kits, Jenbacher kits, Motortech Kits…upgrade kits.