Gas Back-up Generators

Frequently Asked Questions

A gas back-up generator is an automatic electrical support system fuelled by liquid petroleum gas LPG or natural gas. It operates whether you are home or away (can be turned off or put on manual when is not needed). The unit starts automatically within seconds of a load shedding or power failure and feeds power directly to your home’s electrical distribution board. After utility power returns, the generator shuts down automatically and will remain on stand-by mode until it is needed again. The generator main unit is weather-proof and will be installed outside just like a central air conditioning unit.

Try out out Sizing Guide here.

The very best way to understand your options and work within your budget is to schedule a site visit for a load assessment with our technical team. Our technicians will evaluate and agree with you which are your essential and non-essential loads during an event of load shedding or power failure. After this evaluation our technical team will advise which generator will be best for your property.

Gas back-up generators are excellent alternatives to petrol and diesel generators. They are quieter*, more efficient, require low maintenance and they are environment friendly. Their engines produce 33% less CO2 emissions than petrol and 45% less CO2 than diesel. The gas engines produce on average up to 82% less Nitrogen Oxide pollutants than petrol and 99% less than diesel. They emit 63% less carbon monoxide, 40% less hydrocarbons than petrol and 70% less than diesel. But that is not all: they will also produce 50% less particulates than petrol and 98% less than diesel. Aside from the environmental benefits, when one considers the noise, mess, and hassle that comes with dealing with liquid-fueled engines, the choice of a gas-fueled generator becomes an easy one.

* The average noise levels when the unit is operational are 67 dbA at 7m (similar to a normal conversation between two people), and 95 dbA when standing right next to the unit (similar to a loud conversation between two people).

The units we have in stock are: 8 kVa, 10 kVa, 13 kVa (all single-phase) and 20 kVa (3 phase). See our Gas Back-up Generators here.

Our prices vary respectively to the size of the generator as follows: 8 KVA > R76k, 10 KVA > R85k, 13 KVA > R90k and 20 KVA > R100k (incl. VAT, and free delivery to site). See more product details here.

Our gas back-up generators are almost in the same price range as their diesel and petrol counterparts, but once you consider all the benefits that a gas generator has to offer (quieter, cleaner, environmental friendly, etc.) they are by far a better option.

We don’t offer direct financing for the home and businesses gas back-up generator product range, but interested clients can request assessment at Wesbank directly for financing options for any of our units.

Installation is not included in the price. This needs to be assessed and quoted according to specific requirements of the property where the unit will be installed.

The installation price of a gas back-up generator is based on a standard installation within 5 meters of gas bottles/cylinders. It includes labour and is determined upon a site visit. The standard electrical installation is based on standard installation within 5 meters of the DB (distribution board). It also includes labour and will be determined upon a site visit.

Yes, we offer free delivery to anywhere in South Africa when you purchase one of our units.

Gas consumption (kg/hr) varies according to the size and load the generator operates. It ranges between 1.6 kg/hr and 6.1 kg/hr.

Delivery will be scheduled once the full payment is received. It can be between 1 and 5 working days maximum.

We hold stock of all our product range, although installation will depend on availability of the installation team (usually within 5 working days).

On average an installation takes between 5-8 hrs. Although each installation is different, and this will be assessed and informed by our technical team and agreed with the client. A secondary visit of the electrical team might be necessary after commissioning, to run additional tests (at no extra cost).

Our team is responsible and will do the commissioning of the unit.

SustainPower technical team or an accredited agent will do the maintenance and assist with trouble shooting. These visits will be subjected to a standard call-out fee of R650. excl. VAT and 1 hour of labor at R650. excl. VAT. These fees exclude parts and any additional fixes.

Sustainable Power Generation (Pty) Ltd. or an accredited agent will do the necessary scheduled maintenance of the unit and do an inspection of the gas an electrical installation as well. The service schedule of these gas units is as follow: Oil + Oil Filter > 2 per year or 200 hrs. of run time. Air filter and Spark plugs > 400 hrs. of run time. To date, the cost of oil replacement service is R1650. excl. VAT

Yes, two 48 kg propane gas cylinders and the deposit for the units are included in the quotation you will receive.

For the big 20 kVa unit, the technical sheet of the unit states that at full load you should get about 16hs of running time, but this will depend on the actual running load of the unit during load shedding. For your information, we have the same unit at our offices in Paarden Eiland with the same configuration and we have done more than 50 hours of run time with two 48 kg bottles.

The average running cost per hour will depend on the load the unit supports as mentioned above. You can estimate a running cost of R90 per hour at 50% load and R144 per hour at 100% load.

The generator will start in less than 5s after the main power cuts-off. Our generators are equipped with voltage regulators so they will not spike.

A gas back-up generator, an automatic transfer switch, a 12 V starter battery, a standard gas installation (with generator within 5m of the cylinders), a standard electrical installation (with generator within 5m of DB board), free delivery to site.

The average noise levels for our largest unit (20 Kva) are between 65 dbA at 7m, and 95 dbA if you are standing right next to a running unit. The 67 dbA sound level would be equivalent to the noise of a normal conversation between two individuals, making these units ideal for residential or small business.

These generators come with premium aluminum enclosures. Aluminum enclosures are naturally rust and corrosion resistant. For salt air or high humidity conditions, aluminum is highly recommended to ensure decades of worry-free service.

For R349 per month, SustainPower offers a worry-free, hassle-free, 60-month preventative maintenance contract for its gas back-up generators. This includes all parts and labour, telephonic troubleshooting, and warranty support. Unscheduled repairs and out-of-warranty callouts are not included and needs to be quoted separately.