SustainPower started with the establishment of the company in 2016 with a focus on containerized, high-quality, durable solutions for sustainable power generation using biogas, landfill gas and natural gas, designed and manufactured in South Africa, with world-class components.

With dedication to quality and passion for efficiency, the company endeavors to change the way developing economies generate power through the design and supply of clean energy solutions for residential & industrial markets. Our special focus on energy efficiency gives SustainPower’s systems the advantage of saving clients’ money through power-outage protection, peak shaving & waste heat recovery, displacing other sources of energy such as coal and diesel.

Thanks to thriving activities and an expanding network of key partners, SustainPower is your ideal provider of sustainable power solutions for residential, commercial, as well as industrial and continuous gas-to-power applications.


SustainPower started with the establishment of the company in 2016 with a focus on containerised, high-quality, durable solutions for sustainable power generation using biogas, landfill gas and natural gas, designed and manufactured in South Africa, with world-class components.

Biogas and landfill gas beneficiation are waste-to-energy technologies and therefore contribute to the sustainable use of resources and offer attractive business cases for on-site power generation in many industries such as food processing, agricultural and water treatment.

Decentralized natural gas to power solutions are a cleaner alternative to other fossil fuels for continuous off-grid power and with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) offer extremely high efficiencies. Prime power supply or emergency back-up supply running on gas contribute also to a smaller environmental footprint.


Launched in 2018, SustainSolar strives to respond to the needs of emerging markets with clean, turnkey technology suited for various applications that require a decentralized, clean and dependable power supply.

Our containerised, pre-installed solar systems are equipped with top-quality solar PV modules and electronics including lithium-ion batteries and come in three standardized yet adjustable product configurations from small to large to suit a wide range of energy needs. Our production system and assembly facility are geared for once-off and bespoke projects and large-scale rollouts of mini-grids alike.

With growing activities, a good presence on the African continent, an expanding network of partners and the implementation of new projects, SustainSolar is a preferred equipment supplier for mini-grid, off-grid, hybrid fuel saving as well as mobile and rapid deployment solar applications.


Tobias Hobbach

Managing Director

Tobias accumulated a wealth of experience in Financial Management and Business Strategy during the 10 years he spent working in Japan and Germany for one of the leading German car and truck manufacturers. He came to South Africa in 2012 as the CFO of one of the largest manufacturing companies in the country. His leadership skills and passion for manufacturing led to his role as CEO in a medium-sized, South African, engine building firm, before founding Sustainable Power Generation in 2016.


Ames Martin

Director, COO

Prior to joining SustainPower, Ames was Regional Business Development Manager of Sub-Saharan Africa at one of the world's largest oil and gas service companies. With over 12 years of extensive experience in managing projects, involving the maintenance and delivery of large equipment packages, throughout the developing world and qualifications in Diesel and Industrial Technology and Project Management, Ames is a significant contributor to SustainPower's strategy.


Winston Latham

Chief Financial Officer

Winston is an experienced Chartered Accountant (CA) with board-level experience in various industries, both in South Africa and internationally. He headed up finance at Richard Branson’s (Virgin Group) largest interest in South Africa, building financial and governance systems into businesses that grew from start-ups to established market leaders. He left Virgin to pursue a career in clean energy, initially in utility-scale renewable energy, then joining the Sustain team in 2020.


Bryce Foss

Business Development: SustainPower

Having completed his LLB Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Bryce started his career assisting some of South Africa's leading sporting personalities with the negotiation of their playing & commercial contracts. He later went on to join a Solar PV project developer and built an impressive network within the commercial & industrial sector. Based in Johannesburg, Bryce joined SustainPower at the end of 2019 in the role of Business Development Manager, where he primarily focuses on the company's range of containerized Gas to Power solutions.


Dorshel Nze Nzame

Sales and Services: SUSTAINPOWER

Born in Libreville, Gabon, Dorshel relocated to Cape Town for his university studies and has a background in chemical engineering. After years in wastewater treatment process and technical sales in the BPO sector, Dorshel now leads our internal sales and services process, and oversees our marketing and client communication activities in both English and French. Your product inquiries and requests for proposals will be handled by him and he is excited to apply his process engineering expertise to your needs.


Justin Gordon Skeat

Mechatronics Engineer

A recent graduate from Stellenbosch University with a B.Eng. in Mechatronic Engineering with a focus on control systems, Justin is the Junior Mechatronic Engineer at SustainPower. His focus is to assist with project feasibility, system design and installation and commissioning. With a hands-on practical approach, he will assist you with projects from the feasibility stage through to installation and commissioning.


Karla Lourens

Electrical Engineer

Freshly graduated with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with a focus on energy at Stellenbosch University, Karla is the Junior Electrical Engineer at SustainSolar. Her main role is to assist the head electrical engineer with the design and quoting process and to manage the logistics process of getting our products delivered to the most remote locations.


John Fadiran

Senior Project Engineer

With SustainSolar since 2018 John oversees system design, component configuration, plant commissioning and technical service. John was born in Nigeria but lived most of his life in Swaziland and Cape Town where he obtained his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from UCT and is currently enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate. John will be pleased to assist you with technical questions regarding system sizing and the right choice of components.


Yannick Ntoutoume

Mechanical Engineer

Yannick was born in Libreville, Gabon. After completing both a National Diploma and a B-Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology he started his internship at SustainSolar in May 2020. As an intern junior engineer with Mechanical background, Yannick works closely with electrical engineers and his focus is on producing detailed design of SustainSolar's range of products. He looks forward to his first professional experience as an Engineer.