Test Kitchen beats load shedding using a 20 kVA Gas Generator


CLIENT: Test Kitchen
SOLUTION: 20kVA Gas Generator


Provide a clean and sustainable back-up power solution that would allow the paired down yet undoubtedly luxurious fine-dining establishment to keep its operations going through load-shedding. Ensure that the solution had a low noise level as the unit was to be installed in the open area where clients would relax and wait for their indoor table. Rapidly install a 20kVA gas back-up genset without interrupting the staff, while ensuring that the unit was ready to power the restaurant for a load-shedding session scheduled on the same evening.


The 20kVA unit started generating electricity within the hour after it was installed. I successfully supported the restaurant’s load, allowing operations not to be interrupted during load-shedding. SustainPower continues to provide support for the operations & maintenance of the installed unit.


Clean, quiet, and automatic back-up power ready to start as soon as grid power fails without any help. This makes a huge difference to their ability to operate without interruptions. No more loss in revenue as customers can keep on flocking in and enjoy their booked tables. Peace of mind for the owners, their staff, and their patrons. Now when the lights go out, the generator turns them on automatically and keeps the fridges running.