Distell Springs plant – 440kW Biogas Combined Heat and Power


CLIENT: Distell
LOCATION: Springs Plant
SOLUTION: 440kW Biogas Combined Heat and Power


Ensure that Distell’s effluent treatment plant is energy neutral through the beneficiation of flared biogas, with the potential to produce over 10 500 kWh per day. Reduce carbon footprint and promote adoption of renewable energy Quickly and safely install a CHP system through intelligent packaging and containerisation Install the first MAN 550kW biogas CHP in South Africa, producing a consistent 420kW output at Johannesburg altitude.


SustainPower installed, commissioned & started producing electricity within three days, with a MAN E3263 LE212 biogas engine. Designed & implemented an algorithm to match electricity production to gas production, thereby ensuring 24/7 operation, even in times of reduced gas production Installed the Motortech Detcon system to manage the high grade, high quality biogas produced by the Tecroveer effluent treatment plant. SustainPower continues to support the project with ongoing operations & maintenance services. In a 12-month operating period, the SustainPower CHP has produced 1,500,000 kWh of electricity.


Offsets approximately 110 tons COe2 per month Distell currently sees an average daily reduction of 6000 kWh CHP currently offsets up to 13 % of total site load At R1.00/kWh, this produces R186,000.00 of savings per month Total project payback of < 3 years