SustainPower hits the gas


New players in the renewable energy sector, SustainPower, hosted their official gas to power product launch at African Utility Week 2017, in Cape Town from 16 – 18 May.

Founded in 2016, and based in Cape Town, SustainPower specialises in containerised renewable energy generation. The company focusses on containerised gas to power and solar solutions, with the integration of technologies such as water purification and desalination.

sustainpower gasAfrican Utility Week was the first official public showcasing of SustainPower’s concept and products. The team used the opportunity to display their MAN Engine gas to power generators, combined heat and power plants (CHP) and solar solutions. The launch, which took place on Wednesday evening, was attended by a number of key people in the industry as well as the Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Ian Neilson.

“We have achieved a huge amount in a short space of time. It was wonderful to see it all come together so successfully. African Utility Week allowed us to demonstrate that, despite being new, we are already serious players in the renewable energy sector,” says Tobias Hobbach, founder and Managing Director of SustainPower.

One of SustainPower’s differentiating factors, is the strategic partnerships they have formed with a variety of major, international brands such as, MAN Engines, MOTORTECH and Unique Group.

“We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, but rather in improving it. We identified key industry brands, based on the quality of their workmanship, reputation and products, and have partnered with them to provide our clients with superior power generating solutions and an exceptional service offering,” says Hobbach.

sustainpower gasBy placing their generators, combined heat and power plants and solar solutions in 20 and 40-foot sea containers, SustainPower has developed a concept that is perfect for the African market. Easily transportable, safe and durable, these containers can be placed wherever there is a reliable energy source, regardless of terrain.

“We can produce up to 1100 kW in a 40-foot sea container using natural gas, biogas, landfill gas or LPG. We spec our generators per customer requirements and, as a result, we offer a range of neighbouring technologies, maintenance plans, equipment rental and rent-to-own financing options,” says Hobbach.

With a passion for product excellence, people and the planet, as well as a hunger for the development and promotion of the renewable energy sector, SustainPower plans to change the way that developing economies generate power.

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