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The Journey to Green at the German International School Cape Town (DSK) 

The German International School Cape Town (Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt – DSK) has taken a significant step towards sustainability with the inauguration of a new Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) alongside their existing PV system. This advanced system marks a milestone in DSK’s ongoing journey to harness solar energy for a greener future.  The Benefits of BESS  Grid Peak Shaving: The primary function of the BESS is to limit the…

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Energy Storage Systems Explained: Powering Your Business into the Future

Energy storage systems, like BESS, cut energy costs by up to 80%, stabilise power, and support renewables. They are vital for businesses dealing with weak grids or high tariffs, offering reliable, cost-effective energy management. With a market growth rate of 8.4% annually, investing in these systems ensures future-proof energy solutions.

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Leverage the value of Battery Storage beyond Load-Shedding Disruptions

Battery storage systems offer long-term energy security beyond load-shedding. Despite temporary relief, Eskom’s aging infrastructure and rising demand mean power disruptions will persist. With a ten-year warranty, SustainStorage’s BESS solutions provide reliable backup, cost control, and revenue opportunities. These systems ensure businesses remain resilient amid ongoing energy challenges and future-proof their power needs.

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Natural Gas Generators for Peak Energy Shaving

Rich-burn natural gas generators provide a cost-effective solution to load shedding and peak energy tariffs. Unlike costly diesel generators, they offer continuous power and efficiently handle industrial step loads. With a lower running cost than peak tariffs, these generators save businesses significant money and ensure stable operations, making them essential amid South Africa’s ongoing power challenges.

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Gas Generators: The Alternative to Diesel

We get it. Diesel generators are what you know. Its what we have all been accustomed to, since load shedding first reared its head in 2007. And we’ll admit that it wasn’t the worst decision when these outages were a rare occurrence. A couple of hours here and there. The diesel costs being something that you grimaced at but wrote off as an ‘essential operating expense’.

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Biogas Power Generation 101

As gas-to-power specialists, SustainPower’s engineering team is experienced in natural gas and landfill gas, but biogas projects are a nostalgic look at where it all began for our company.

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Gas Flaring Opportunities in Africa

During a time when Europe faces an energy supply crisis and the developing world seeks to stimulate economic growth through widescale electrification, SustainPower remains on the forefront of providing innovative solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Natural Gas Pricing and How it Affects the Average South African

On 14 October 2022, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) will hold a public hearing on the methodology to approve maximum prices of piped gas in South Africa. The process of public consultation is ongoing and makes up much of NERSA’s core function in country, but this hearing is particularly pertinent to the gas industry in the region.

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South African Biogas and Waste-to-Energy Investment Strategy

As proud stakeholder in South Africa’s gas to power industry, SustainPower were fortunate to be invited by GreenCape to an overview of the country’s biogas and waste-to-energy market.

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Load-shedding is back: generate your own clean power.

As load-shedding woes return, combat load-shedding with clean, reliable power. SustainPower offers gas generators, and eco-friendly alternatives to diesel, ensuring uninterrupted energy during outages. Gas engines produce fewer emissions and are quieter, making them ideal for homes and businesses. Determine your generator size easily and enjoy remote monitoring features. Choose sustainability and reliability with SustainPower’s gas generators.

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Dealing with power outages during the current crisis

Just about 6 months ago, Sustainable Power Generation (Pty) Ltd, was appointed as sole distributor of PRAMAC gas generators in South Africa. This has resulted in the addition of the very attractive range of gas standby generators to its SustainPower branded gas-to-power product portfolio. The reason for this expansion was to offer homes and businesses a more convenient and cleaner alternative to commonly used diesel or petrol generators to keep the lights on or their firms operating during load-shedding or a power crisis.

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Stand-by Gas Generator: a sustainable alternative for residential and SMEs

Ensure uninterrupted power for homes and SMEs with SustainPower’s Pramac gas generators. Clean, reliable, and cost-effective, these units offer low noise, remote monitoring, and safety features. Dependable backup power, powered by natural gas or LPG, ensures peace of mind during outages. Opt for sustainability and reliability with SustainPower’s gas generators.

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Partnered with Unique Hydra

SustainPower collaborates with Unique Hydra, a leading engineering and manufacturing firm in Cape Town. They design and produce modular container solutions for industrial and offshore applications. With sound attenuation features, modular design, and comprehensive ventilation, these containers offer efficient, low-noise operation. Equipped with genset control systems and essential components, they provide turnkey solutions for various power needs.

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Local gas-to-power specialist partners with Italian Pramac to introduce clean and quiet stand-by gas-to-power

SustainPower joins forces with Pramac to revolutionise standby power solutions with clean and quiet gas generators. Offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel options, these generators connect directly to existing gas supplies in homes and businesses. With minimal maintenance and lower emissions, they provide a reliable solution amidst South Africa’s uncertain grid power availability.

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SustainPower at Future Energy Nigeria

SustainPower shines at Future Energy Nigeria, showcasing South Africa’s gas-to-power and solar solutions prowess. Represented by Ames Martin and John Fadiran, the event witnessed keen interest from Nigerian stakeholders seeking clean, sustainable energy alternatives. With Nigeria’s vast potential and SustainPower’s decentralised approach, communities can now access reliable power, empowering them toward self-sufficiency.

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Swiss PWRstation signs with local Sustainable Power Generation for Africa.

Sustainable Power Generation partners with Swiss PWRstation for African solar solutions. SustainSolar, known for containerised gas-to-power, integrates EXOrac™ retractable solar racks into its mobile containerised solar units. This collaboration aims to empower remote and rural areas with rapid deployment of solar solutions. PWRstation’s EXOrac™ aligns with SustainSolar’s commitment to quality and innovation, offering robust, versatile solar solutions for various applications across Africa.

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Patricia de Lille visits SustainPower – Cape Town on its way to becoming global green leader

Cape Town joins 30 global cities in an equity pledge for inclusive climate action. Mayor Patricia De Lille signed the commitment in San Francisco, emphasising climate action’s role in poverty reduction and economic growth. SustainPower, supported by the city, now manufactures 500kW BioGas CHP generators locally, a first in South Africa. This initiative highlights how climate action fosters economic development and job creation.

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Africa Oil and Power hosts SustainPower

Africa Oil & Power (AOP 2018) conference in Cape Town gathered top leaders in petroleum and power sectors, emphasising energy coalitions and private-public collaboration. SustainPower’s Ames Martin discussed gas-to-power challenges and solutions, advocating for decentralised, clean energy. Highlighting Africa’s vast gas resources, he urged for local demand creation and private investment. His vision: replace diesel with LNG for reliable, clean power, empower African communities, and foster economic growth.

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SustainPower brings the heat (and power) at African Utility Week 2018

At African Utility Week 2018, SustainPower showcased its innovative gas-to-power solutions, featuring high-efficiency, modular Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units. Using MAN engines and Motortech controls, these units provide over 90% efficiency from natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, or LPG. With strong support and new partnerships, SustainPower continues to disrupt Africa’s energy landscape, driving reliable, clean power solutions.

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Louisiana State University Comes to Cape Town

LSU’s WorldStrides initiative brought 26 MBA students to Cape Town, exposing them to South African businesses like SustainPower. Ames Martin of SustainPower highlighted the potential of gas-to-power solutions in Africa. The visit, including a tour of New Horizons Energy, inspired students to consider global business opportunities, with some expressing interest in investing their skills in local ventures—a significant success.

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SustainPower delivers first locally manufactured biogas combined heat and power generator

SustainPower and Unique Hydra delivered a locally manufactured biogas power generator to Ibert (Pty) Ltd. The 220kW containerised CHP unit, launched in 2017, efficiently converts biogas into electricity and heat at an abattoir near Pretoria. This collaboration exemplifies innovative, sustainable energy solutions in Africa, leveraging high local content and international components for effective waste-to-energy processes.

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SustainPower hits the gas

SustainPower launched its gas-to-power products at African Utility Week 2017 in Cape Town, showcasing their MAN Engine generators, CHPs, and solar solutions. Founded in 2016, SustainPower specialises in containerised renewable energy generation. Their strategic partnerships and innovative approach make them serious players in the sector, offering transportable, durable, and customisable energy solutions ideal for the African market.

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