Gas-to-Power Solutions

Gas-to-power and cogeneration solutions can efficiently and sustainably meet your business's energy needs. Using a range of gaseous fuels, we provide clean, reliable power that's good for both you and the planet.

Gas-to-Power Solutions

Gas-to-power and cogeneration solutions can efficiently and sustainably meet your business's energy needs. Using a range of gaseous fuels, we provide clean, reliable power that's good for both you and the planet.

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What is Gas-to-Power?

Gas-to-power technology generates electricity from various gas fuels, such as natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, LPG/propane, and flare gas. This highly efficient process converts gas into electrical energy while simultaneously capturing thermal energy (cogeneration) for additional heating or power generation.

About Natural Gas Systems

Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed primarily of methane. Despite being a fossil fuel, natural gas is considered the cleanest option among its counterparts. Its combustion produces lower sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter emissions than coal-fired power plants.

Because of these attributes, natural gas is a compelling alternative to coal-generated grid electricity, particularly for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental impact. By transitioning to natural gas-based energy systems, companies can significantly lower their carbon footprint while maintaining a reliable energy supply. Its versatility and cleanliness make it a valuable transitional energy source as societies rely more on renewable energy.

About Biogas Systems

Biogas is produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste, or food waste. Unlike natural gas, biogas is a renewable source of energy that helps manage waste and produces energy without additional carbon emissions.

Biogas systems are well-suited for industries and facilities that generate significant organic waste.

Types of
Gas-to-Power Solutions

SustainPower's continuous gas-to-power solutions cater to clients aiming to minimise their carbon footprint by efficiently utilising organic waste streams or replacing coal consumption with natural gas. These systems support sustainability and present practical ways to reduce emissions.

Our highly efficient, world-class co-generation packages are designed for long-term use and can handle both constant and varying loads in island, island-parallel, or grid-parallel modes. They are also well-suited for combined heat and power (CHP) generation, allowing businesses to achieve significant savings and rapid payback periods by boosting power and heat efficiencies in industrial processes. Combined heat and power generation can utilise up to 90% of the energy within gaseous fuels, making it a highly efficient solution for energy conversion.

Cogeneration uses an engine's heat energy to generate electricity and heat simultaneously. It is a highly efficient form of energy conversion that, when performed with gas engines, can achieve considerable energy savings compared to purchasing electricity and gas separately from the utility.

Efficiency of a CHP Plant

CHP plants offer a highly efficient power generation process that utilises nearly 90% of the energy in a gaseous fuel. This high efficiency is achieved by harvesting the mechanical energy from the generator and the thermal energy from the combustion process.

Benefits of a CHP Plant

Combined heat and power plants allow the productive use of otherwise wasted heat released by the engine's water jacket and exhaust. When compared to importing electricity and using boilers to generate heat, the benefits of a CHP include:

Savings on total energy costs for the user.
Improved efficiency of fuel use.
Reduced emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.
Independence and security of power supply.
The opportunity for carbon credit accumulation.

SustainPower, in partnership with Pramac and Waukesha, has introduced rich-burn industrial stand-by gas generators to the African market, providing customers with a state-of-the-art solution for reliable, efficient power. These robust engines, manufactured in the USA and being a global leader in generator manufacturing, deliver the economical operating costs of a gas genset alongside the technical load-acceptance capabilities required for stand-by and prime power applications. This synergy means businesses now have a reliable emergency stand-by solution that can also function as an efficient peak-shaving unit, generating proactive cost savings and protecting against unexpected power outages.

Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is a strategic process that helps industrial and commercial customers reduce electricity usage during peak tariff periods, which can significantly lower energy bills. During these periods, clients identified as large consumers temporarily reduce their power consumption through production scaling or by activating on-site power generation systems. SustainPower’s range of rich-burn industrial stand-by gas generators offers clients the flexibility to maintain stable production levels without disruption during these high-demand intervals. By doing so, these generators help businesses maintain consistent production and navigate peak tariff periods without the costly effects of reducing operations.

Prime and Stand-by Power

  1. Prime Power:

Prime power serves customers without utility power connection or access to reliable utility power who often experience long-term outages. Under these conditions, prime power gensets provide continuous power at varying loads, with the operating hours not restricted yearly, provided they remain within agreed operational guidelines and maintenance intervals prescribed by the manufacturer.

  1. Stand-by Power:

Stand-by power caters to customers with regular access to utility power but need a dependable solution for emergencies. During sudden power outages, stand-by gensets offer immediate emergency power for a limited period, ensuring critical operations can continue without disruption. These generators are designed to provide swift and efficient support when required, safeguarding against productivity losses during unexpected outages.


Generac/Pramac spark-ignited gas technology with rich-burn combustion delivers optimised energy costs while ensuring the robustness and load acceptance required in industrial settings. The advanced gas technology provides industrial customers with a sustainable, reliable power solution.

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The engine is meticulously optimised for superior performance and swift responsiveness to varying load requirements. This adaptability ensures a consistent energy supply while maintaining efficient energy consumption, resulting in considerable savings.

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The system integrates seamlessly with modular paralleling technology, which offers redundancy, flexibility, and scalability. This approach guarantees up to 99.9999% reliability for critical loads, ensuring uninterrupted power delivery even under challenging conditions.

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High Performance

Generac/Pramac gas technology offers rapid start-up capability, with generators reaching full operation within 10 seconds. They are engineered to deliver exceptional performance even under transient load conditions, maintaining a steady energy supply throughout.

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Low Operating Costs

Compared to traditional diesel, these gas generators significantly lower operating costs by efficiently managing fuel usage. They continue to provide power during extended outages, mitigating the risk of prolonged downtime.

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Monitoring and Control

Advanced connectivity features include built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LAN capabilities, ensuring monitoring and control are always accessible via mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or PCs. This connectivity simplifies system management and allows users to respond to changes quickly.

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Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas-fuelled engines emit fewer nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than comparable diesel engines. Additionally, natural gas eliminates the risks of spillage and environmental concerns associated with diesel fuel storage, offering an eco-friendly alternative for industrial applications.


Waukesha manufactures high-horsepower gas engines for compression and other mechanical drive applications. Their robust construction and innovative technology offer unmatched fuel flexibility, reliability, and power output while delivering superior fuel efficiency and low emissions. With a comprehensive, integrated engine control system, fuel flexibility, and a streamlined design, these engines are built for the toughest oil and gas industry conditions.

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Fuel Efficiency and Flexibility

Waukesha gas engines are optimised to operate efficiently across various field gases and load profiles. This ensures superior fuel efficiency, reducing customers' overall operating costs. This fuel flexibility means that these engines can deliver high power outputs across different fuels, minimising the additional costs linked to fuel treatment.

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Integrated Engine Control System

These engines feature a consolidated control system integrating air/fuel ratio control, wastegate control, turbocharger bypass control, ignition timing, and fault monitoring into one streamlined, closed-loop system. The direct NOx measurement system ensures engines comply with emissions standards while automatically adjusting parameters to optimise performance.

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Simplified Design

The streamlined design of Waukesha's engines includes key components like oil filters, oil coolers, and thermostats, which are directly mounted on the engine to simplify the packaging process and skid layout. This modular construction gives customers redundancy, flexibility, and scalability, ensuring high reliability for critical loads.

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Reliability and Longevity

Waukesha's engines are designed for exceptional reliability and longevity. They achieve long maintenance intervals with extensive operating hours before requiring an overhaul. They can operate continuously for several years, making them well-suited for the most demanding oil and gas industry applications.

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Environmental Benefits

Natural gas-fuelled engines produce fewer nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than diesel counterparts, minimising environmental impacts. They also help avoid the fuel spillage, containment, and storage concerns associated with diesel, providing a cleaner and safer alternative.

Ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply with SustainPower’s gas back-up generators. Operating on natural gas, these generators ensure your business remains functional during power outages, providing peace of mind and enabling you to adapt seamlessly to the new normal.

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Stay Connected

Power disruptions can lead to significant inconvenience and disruption. Pramac gas generators provide autonomous, reliable, and environmentally friendly electricity, keeping your critical systems operational. Whether working remotely or ensuring your household appliances stay functional, these generators allow you to continue your daily routines with minimal disruption.

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Automatic Back-up Power

Pramac’s gas generators deliver automatic back-up power precisely when needed. When an outage is detected, they activate within seconds to provide seamless, reliable energy. They automatically shut down once utility power is restored, ensuring no gaps or delays in power supply. This seamless transition keeps your family and business safe and connected until utility power returns.

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Peace of Mind

With Pramac generators, you gain confidence in the continuity of your power supply. Their intuitive design requires minimal maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience. SustainPower's expertise ensures proper installation and seamless integration into your existing energy system, giving you the security and peace of mind that your power needs will always be met.

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Robust Engineering

Designed for long-term resilience, Pramac gas generators are engineered with high-quality components to withstand varied environmental conditions. Their robust engineering ensures dependable performance and longevity, providing a secure solution to safeguard against future outages.

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Clean and Efficient Energy

Natural gas is a cleaner alternative to traditional diesel fuels, producing fewer emissions and reducing environmental impacts. Pramac generators offer reliable and clean power, allowing you to maintain operations while reducing your carbon footprint.

Energy Finance Options

To ease the financial burden of new energy solutions, we offer a range of energy financing options tailored to your business’s unique needs. These options help you manage your energy investments and enjoy the benefits of advanced energy solutions without straining your budget.

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Applications for
Gas-to-Power Solutions

Reliable power generation is crucial in a rapidly evolving world with growing energy demands. SustainPower delivers dependable gas-to-power solutions through gas generator sets fuelled by biogas and natural gas. Our complete power generation solutions ensure continuous energy wherever and whenever needed, operating reliably 24/7.

Industrial & Commercial Applications

Gas-to-power solutions are indispensable across various sectors due to their reliability and efficiency. They power heavy machinery and manufacturing processes in industrial settings, significantly reducing fuel consumption and enhancing operational efficiency. For commercial applications, such as shopping centres, hotels, and airports, these systems provide a stable power supply crucial for daily operations, safety, and customer comfort.

Energy Management Strategies

In addition to providing primary and backup power, gas-to-power generators are employed in energy management strategies like peak shaving and base loading. These practices help industrial and commercial facilities manage energy usage more efficiently, reducing costs and enhancing grid stability. Peak shaving adjusts power usage during peak tariff times to lower energy costs, while base loading ensures a consistent power supply when additional energy is required beyond what the generator can produce.

Utility and Microgrid Support

In utility applications, gas-to-power systems help stabilise the grid by providing additional power during periods of high demand, which is essential for maintaining consistent service across communities. For microgrids, especially in remote or isolated areas, these generators offer a self-sufficient power solution that enhances local energy security and independence.

Institutional Reliability

Educational institutions, hospitals, and government buildings benefit from gas-to-power solutions, ensuring critical operations and services remain active. This reliability is crucial for institutions that depend on constant power for safety, security, and functionality.

Residential Energy Needs

Gas-to-power systems are also suitable for residential applications, providing reliable and efficient energy for homes. These systems can power heating, cooling, and electrical needs, offering homeowners peace of mind and reduced energy costs.

Emergency and Back-up Power

Stand-by gas generators play a vital role in emergency and back-up power scenarios, such as during power outages caused by natural disasters or grid failures. These systems provide immediate power to keep critical infrastructure operational and secure until the main power supply is restored.

Agricultural Sector

Continuous power is critical for running equipment such as irrigation systems and processing facilities in the agricultural industry. Gas-to-power solutions ensure these operations continue uninterrupted, promoting greater productivity and sustainability.

Invest In Your Future with Gas-to-Power Solutions

Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your energy needs with clean, efficient, and reliable gas-to-power systems.

Our Approach to
Gas-to-Power Solutions

To ensure that each system meets our rigorous standards, we implement comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for every unit before it leaves our facility. This process includes several assessments:


Visual Inspection

Our technicians meticulously inspect each component and assembly for any physical defects or imperfections.


Electrical Testing

We conduct thorough tests to verify that all electrical systems perform correctly under different scenarios.


Structural Testing

Each unit undergoes structural integrity tests designed to simulate the environmental conditions it will face in the field.


Network Connectivity Testing

We check all communication interfaces and protocols to guarantee that each unit can seamlessly integrate with grid infrastructure and smart network systems.

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Operations & Maintenance Services

Operations and maintenance (O&M) services are key to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your energy systems. Our services keep your gas-to-power solutions operating at optimal levels, providing reliable energy when you need it most.

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The Advantages of
Gas-to-Power Solutions

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Up to 90% Energy Efficiency

With efficiencies up to 90%, particularly in CHP technology systems, our solutions maximise fuel use and translate into significant energy savings. Our solutions outperform traditional power generation efficiencies of 40-50%.

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Environmentally Friendly

Our gas-to-power solutions use the cleanest burning fossil fuel to produce fewer pollutants and greenhouse gases than coal or oil. By converting gases like biogas and landfill gas into energy, we significantly mitigate methane emissions.

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Certified Quality and Safety

Our adherence to ISO 9001, SABS, and SANS standards assures consistent quality management, national safety compliance, and alignment with recognised best practices.

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Greater Reliability

Our gas-to-power systems provide businesses with an uninterrupted power supply. This is crucial for facilities in critical sectors such as healthcare and data centres, as well as in regions with unreliable grid power.

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Our gas-to-power systems can run on various fuels, including natural gas, biogas, and propane. They offer flexibility to switch fuels based on availability and cost, ensuring fuel security and economic benefits.

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Whether you need a small-scale setup for light commercial use or a large-scale installation for industrial applications, we can support you with scalable energy planning to match your growth plans.

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Our high-efficiency systems use less fuel to produce the same energy, lowering operational costs. Additionally, strategies such as peak shaving during high utility rate periods reduce energy bills and minimise economic losses from power outages.

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