Stand-by Gas Generator: a sustainable alternative for residential and SMEs

Stand-by Gas Generator

A standby gas generator, also known as a back-up gas generator, is a support electrical system that can be operated manually or automatically during a power outage. When operating automatically, the gas generator detects the loss of power and starts. It then communicates with a load transfer switch signalling it to switch the electrical load of your home or business from the utility supply to the generator. This allows the generator to become your power supply for the duration of the outage. Once the utility supply is restored, the generator will shut-off and the transfer switch will automatically return your electrical load to the utility supply. Most standby generators run on diesel, liquid propane gas (LPG), natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel…

Pramac 20 kVa gas generator

The generators provided to South African homes and businesses by SustainPower are Pramac standby gas generators and can be operated using natural gas or LPG. These units are automatic standby gas generator systems and can be used for applications such as fire protection systems, heating ventilation and air conditioning, household appliances, lighting and elevators (building lifts) in some cases.

Far from setting up a contest between gas-fuelled generators and generators using other fuel types, the present article looks at some of the benefits our gas generators provide.

1. Environment-Friendly and Clean

From an environmental point of view, natural gas is better than diesel fuel. When burning, natural gas releases much less CO2 in the atmosphere. Emissions of nitrogen and sulphur from natural gas combustion are also minimal and there are no ash particles emitted during this process. From a fuel storage point of view, the need for storage is eliminated when your house or business built near or on a gas pipeline and the risk of fuel spillage and soil contamination is therefore unlikely. Should your premises not run on a gas pipeline, you would, therefore, be using cylinders for your gas supply.

Natural gas, LPG and propane are kept is sealed cylinders that are then directly connected to your generator through a pipe. As the gas generator has no fuel tank, the risk of spillage or leakage is minimal. There are also no fumes emitted when the gas flows from the cylinder to the generator’s combustion chamber. Considered as a clean energy source, natural gas makes the choice of a gas generator very easy in places where environmental concerns arise.

2. Noise Level

Pramac gas generators come with a low noise level. The units in our range of home and business standby power come with:

  • A Guaranteed noise level (LWA) of 95 dB(A)
  • A Noise pressure level of 65 to 68 dB(A) at 7 m
  • A Quiet-Test Mode of 59 to 60 dB(A)

This allows you to enjoy power during outages, without having to deal with excessive noise.

3. Safety

From a health standpoint, very few health risks are associated with gas generators. This is because natural gas fuel used to power their engines is non-toxic when inhaled in relatively small quantities and is not harmful to people and animals. Thanks to sufficient and appropriate safety measures in effect where gas is being used, generators running on that fuel are perfectly safe to be installed a stone throw away of any house or business. During the gas installation, an odorant is added to the gas. Should leakage occur it gets detected immediately by the odorant, leading to corrective measures being applied.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness of gas generators is observed for homes and businesses built near or on a gas pipeline. For them, it is relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain these gas units compared to having to buy and maintain generators running on diesel for example. For customers planning on using cylinders to fuel their gas generators, SustainPower provides a site visit free of charge to determine the most cost-effective option for your power need. Get in touch with us here.

5. Remote Monitoring

The Pramac’s GA Series range of gas generators supplied to the South African market by SustainPower comes with FREE Mobile LinkTM. This allows you to monitor the status of your generator on a phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.

6. Convenience

Convenience is another benefit of our Pramac range of standby gas generators. They are designed to withstand permanent outdoor installation. These units could also be installed on horizontal buildings’ roofs, avoiding floods in rainy locations. Additionally, SustainPower wishes to offer its customers much more than a gas generator. We strive to offer you a partnership by maintaining your hardware in the long run.

7. Dependability

Because natural gas is one of the most energy-efficient fuels available, it is evident that you will not run out of fuel to operate your gas generator. This is the case if your home or business is located near your city pipeline. Supply of gas is also easy should you be using cylinders.