Energy Management Systems

Gain full control over your energy consumption and significantly cut costs with SustainPower's Energy Management Systems (EMS). Our EMS offers advanced monitoring and control technologies, empowering organisations to analyse and optimise real-time energy usage patterns.

Energy Management Systems

Gain full control over your energy consumption and significantly cut costs with SustainPower's Energy Management Systems (EMS). Our EMS offers advanced monitoring and control technologies, empowering organisations to analyse and optimise real-time energy usage patterns.

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What are Energy Management Systems?

Energy Management Systems (EMS) provide comprehensive control over energy consumption, allowing organisations to significantly reduce costs. They employ cutting-edge monitoring and control technologies to offer real-time insights into energy usage patterns. This empowers businesses to analyse their energy consumption, identify inefficiencies, and optimise operations, leading to increased profitability.

It is an automated system that gathers energy data from multiple sources and presents it through intuitive graphics, online monitoring tools, and energy quality analysers. This visibility enables proactive management of energy resources. It focuses on managing energy from diverse sources like solar and gas-to-power while regulating the flow of electricity between the energy source, storage, and demand. The system can also coordinate with the power grid to redistribute surplus energy, helping organisations maximise energy efficiency.

Businesses can easily monitor and control their energy usage through a user-friendly central platform. By offering real-time insights, an EMS equips organisations with actionable intelligence to create data-driven strategies that minimise downtime and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. This leads to optimised operations, increased profitability, and a meaningful contribution to sustainability.

Hardware components, such as sensors and communication bridges, collect crucial data, while intelligent software processes it to provide energy-saving recommendations. By understanding consumption patterns, businesses can make informed decisions that will positively impact their bottom line, helping them reduce waste, optimise resources, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Customised EMS Solutions
for Every Sector

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Reduce waste in industrial production environments with advanced monitoring and control systems. Streamline operations by automating energy consumption in alignment with production demands.

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Control HVAC, lighting, and other utilities in commercial buildings like office complexes and shopping centres. Our systems create healthier environments for occupants and increase energy efficiency.

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Public Institutions

Help schools, hospitals, and government buildings cut costs and improve efficiency, freeing up resources for critical services.

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Save on energy bills and enhance comfort with smart thermostats, automated lighting, and energy-efficient appliances in residential settings.

Scale Responsibly with Energy Management Systems

At SustainPower, our energy management systems are scalable and adaptable to ensure they evolve with your changing needs and continue to deliver exceptional value. Let’s start your journey towards more efficient and responsible energy usage.

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Bespoke Energy Management
with Microgrid Controllers

SustainPower's EMS features advanced microgrid controllers that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

They deliver a holistic approach to energy management by offering comprehensive solutions:

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Battery and Power System Integration

Control voltage, current, and startup sequences with precision. Our EMS also manages auxiliary systems like HVAC, fire suppression, and security, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

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Remote Control and Monitoring

Harness the power of cloud-based online management for complete visibility into your energy consumption. Our intuitive platform allows you to monitor and control your assets from any location.

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Store energy effectively and limit grid importation during peak periods. This optimises power management by reducing energy costs and ensuring uninterrupted supply.

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Alarm and Fault Management

Protect your battery storage system with robust monitoring, swiftly identifying and resolving faults to minimise downtime.

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Synchronised Breaker Control

Achieve optimal load sharing and effortless microgrid integration through synchronised breaker control.

Advanced Features of
our Microgrid Controllers

Peak Shaving & Time-of-Use Management

Seamlessly transition between grid-tied and islanding modes for smooth operations.

Export and Import Control

Manage export and import across single or multiple Points of Injection to optimise energy flow.

Reactive Power Management

Balance power sources and dynamic loads to ensure a reliable, uninterrupted energy supply.

Adaptive Genset Controllers

Start and stop generator sets adaptively based on equipment constraints to maximise efficiency.

Reliable Data Logging

Monitor your assets, acquire comprehensive data, and visualise insights for data-driven decision-making.

Transform Power, Sustain Your Progress

Partner with SustainPower to modernise your energy systems. Our solutions will drive efficiency and reliability in your operations today and in the future.

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The Benefits of Energy Management Systems
and Microgrid Controllers

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Maximised Energy Efficiency

SustainPower's EMS optimises energy consumption throughout business operations by providing real-time insights and predictive analytics. By identifying inefficiencies and implementing proactive measures, every unit of energy consumed is maximised for peak performance. This enhanced efficiency becomes a crucial competitive advantage, especially given rising energy costs.

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Regulatory Compliance

Navigating regulatory requirements is easier with SustainPower's detailed control, tracking and reporting tools. Complete control allows Grid Code Compliance to be supported. Further, our EMS ensures accurate energy consumption and carbon emissions monitoring, helping you meet your corporate social responsibilities while avoiding legal penalties. Stay aligned with compliance standards seamlessly.

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Minimal Ecological Impact

SustainPower's EMS reduces your environmental footprint by managing energy use efficiently and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants. Through precise control of energy flows, our EMS helps preserve natural resources and minimise the impact of your business activities.

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Significant Cost Savings

Our EMS eliminates wasteful energy consumption practices and allows dynamic load management and peak shaving. By reducing unnecessary energy expenditures, businesses can redirect savings towards critical areas of growth and development.