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Provision of 250 kW Biogas Combined Heat and Power unit at a Beverage producing plant (South Africa)

SustainPower proposes a containerised CHP unit with a 2G Agenitor 406 biogas engine to meet the plant’s 250kW electrical and thermal demands. This unit ensures efficient, reliable power by utilising on-site biogas, addressing both electrical and hot water needs.

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Provision of 80 kW Combined Heat and Power unit at an Asphalt producing plant (South Africa)

SustainPower proposes CHP units with MAN engines to meet electrical and thermal requirements. The units provide 80kWe and 160kWe outputs, ensuring efficient energy for the plant’s asphalt production. Detailed designs and business cases will follow.

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Provision of 0.5 MW Biogas Combined Heat and Power unit at a Wastewater Treatment Plant (South Africa)

SustainPower will install a 0.5 MW biogas CHP unit to convert wastewater treatment byproducts into electricity and heat. This fully containerised solution enhances energy efficiency and sustainability, transforming waste into valuable resources.

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Provision of 12 MW Biogas Combined Heat and Power Plant in Kenya

SustainPower designs a biogas plant to convert invasive water hyacinth from Lake Victoria into 108,900,000 kWh/year. Using MTU gensets, the project offers reliable power, boosts the local economy, and restores lake biodiversity. The solution includes nine containerised CHP units and comprehensive infrastructure.

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Provision of a 406 kW Combined heat and power solution at a Soap Manufacturing plant (South Africa)

A leading South African detergent manufacturer aimed to reduce its carbon footprint and save on electricity and heat costs. Solar Africa Energy installed a 406 kW gas-to-power unit, integrating it with an existing solar PV system. This hybrid system optimises energy use, with surplus heat used for future expansion and existing processes. Benefits include significant energy savings and reduced carbon emissions.

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Provision of 155 kW Combined heat and power solution at a Tannery (South Africa)

A South African tannery sought to lower its carbon footprint and secure a reliable energy supply. The solution included a 155 kW natural gas generator, capable of running on biomethane, and a 341.3 kWp solar PV system. The hybrid control system prioritises solar energy, maximising efficiency and cost savings. Future benefits include potential carbon credit trading, energy security, and job creation from biomethane production.

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Distell Springs plant – 440 kW Biogas Combined Heat and Power

SustainPower implemented a 440 kW biogas CHP unit at the Distell Springs plant to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The fully containerised unit utilises on-site biogas, providing reliable electricity and heat. Performance data indicates high biogas utilisation and substantial electricity generation, showcasing the project’s success in meeting sustainability goals.

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industrial gas standby

Botanica Wines beats load shedding at its Sugarbird Manor Guest House in Stellenbosch

Botanica Wines ensures uninterrupted power at Sugarbird Manor Guest House in Stellenbosch with SustainPower’s industrial gas standby generator. This solution effectively combats load shedding, providing reliable energy and enhancing guest satisfaction.

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Test Kitchen beats load shedding using a 20 kVA Gas Generator

Test Kitchen ensures uninterrupted dining experiences by combating load shedding with a 20 kVA gas generator from SustainPower. This reliable power solution maintains the restaurant’s operations seamlessly, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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